Lifestyle Organiser

What can a Lifestyle Organiser do for you?

A lifestyle organiser helps you organise everyday tasks. We help you organise all those parts of your life that you simply don't have time to do and/or would prefer someone else to do on your behalf. We carry out a range of services so that you are free to pursue the things that make you happy. If you don't see your ideas on our list then feel free to ask us. 

Examples of the service:

Respond to incoming mail:

  • opening post and responding to bills 
  • responding to requests for information
  • making appointments for routine health checks
  • deterring junk mail
  • forwarding mail for previous residents
  • paying in cheques
  • putting systems in place so that mail is easier to manage

Organise home maintenance:

  • source and arrange third party maintenance work and be available to supervise contractors
  • source and arrange electrical repairs i.e. white goods
  • source and arrange home and contents insurance
  • source and arrange cleaning services - windows, gutters, carpets, duvets
  • source and research new appliances within your specified budget

Organise utilities:

  • assist switching to a better deal and saving money
  • setting up direct debits
  • paying bills manually on your behalf
  • making enquires and problem solving if your utility service is not efficient

Organise car maintenance:

  • source garage services and arrange MOT 
  • deal with reminders for car tax
  • shop around for best car insurance deals
  • arrange car valeting service as required

Organise travel arrangements:

  • research and source a holiday destination 
  • organise Visa and passport arrangements
  • packing your suitcases
  • picking up currency for your destination

Provide personal shopping:

  • busy day and cannot get to the shops/ just back from holiday send us a shopping list
  • picking up laundry and ironing
  • sourcing and arranging delivery of furniture and appliances
  • be a contact for home emergencies while you are away 

Miscellaneous tasks:

  • arrange birthday and celebration gifts
  • book a restaurant
  • organise a party
  • listing goods for sale on your behalf
  • you decide!


You will benefit from:

  • Time to focus on family, business and most importantly yourself
  • No distractions from endless lists of things 'to do' allowing you to focus on your essentials
  • Someone to organise paying bills and getting quotes on your behalf
  • Someone to shop for products and research best buys
  • Someone to source gifts for special occasions
  • Someone to plan and arrange special events such as parties
  • Someone to complete tasks faster than you can because there are no distraction



Book 5 hours -  £137.50

Book 10 hours (10% discount) - £247.50 

Book 20 hours (15% discount) - £440 - 

* if you want to book under 10 hours each hour is priced at £27.50. Booking 10 plus hours gives you a discount. 

** mileage costs are calculated for shopping or home visits at a baseline RAC rate.