Professional Organiser Session Packages

Session packages accommodate the different needs of our clients. For the sessions booked the price you pay is clear and transparent. We think that is a fairer way for you to immediately see what you will get with no hidden or unexpected costs. 

You decide how many sessions or hours you think you will need depending on how much and what type of organising is required. You can add further sessions if you need them. Alongside the organising sifting and sorting it takes different people more or less time to decide on what they will keep and what can be let go and so you are the best judge of how many sessions to book.

Professional Organising bookings can be gauged on the amount of spaces you want to organise. Lifestyle Organising depends on what tasks are coming up and you may find some months are busier than others and you can book more hours. We talk you through the options that are right for you. 

You decide what you need and you remain in control of what you order with us. 

Take a look at Face to Face Organising, Virtual Organising, DIY Organising or Lifestyle Organising.  Any questions we would love to chat.