Absolutely Tidy is a Professional Organising Service in Leicester. We work with you to organise your home or office and give you a space you can be proud to show your friends and family. We can help with smaller projects such as a wardrobe organisation or larger projects involving multiple rooms. We offer a helping hand with lifestyle tasks too such as organising bills, listing items for sale and contracting services on your behalf.  

We offer a bespoke and confidential service. We don't judge and we get to know your style and your preferences. You get the results you want because we make sure we understand your needs. A complimentary consultation to talk through your project ensures we are perfectly matched to work together. We spend time getting to know you and we deliver an exceptional service.

Employing a professional organiser gets you started and offers ideas and solutions. Getting started is often the hardest part. Often people feel overwhelmed and stressed and don't know where to begin. We talk through the options and offer you a detailed plan. From downsizing to redefining a room you can rely on us. 

You choose the right package to complete your project. We can advise on how long the work is likely to take. We offer discounts for multiple sessions and can advise on the best package for you. Before you know it you have the space you wanted all along. All you have to do is contact us and we can book a time to meet with you. 


Services - a sample of what we offer

Organise Your Wardrobe                                                                                 

Storage Solutions (home, office and garage)

Organise Your House Move (declutter, packing, unpacking)                          

Organise Your Office (keep on top of paperwork)

Organise a specific area, room or whole house (what is your priority?)          

New Arrivals - organise a nursery or a playroom

Lifestyle Organising - keep on top of everyday tasks such as bills, car maintenance and arranging leisure pursuits


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