My Values

Absolutely Tidy is a Professional Organising Service based in Leicester. I work with you to organise your home and give you a space you can be proud to show your friends and family. I can help with smaller projects such as wardrobe organisation or larger projects involving multiple rooms. I deal with clutter to bring back order into your home. 

I am Carol Richardson a professional organiser. I have made a business out of organising because that is where my passion lays. I have a wealth of experience as a coach, health services provider and project manager. I have worked with a huge variety of people and I am skilled in building relationships. I knows the importance of being organised and at times in my life when I have been disorganised I have felt stressed and unhappy. This experience makes me understand how to help and support my clients. 

I offer a bespoke and confidential service. I don't judge and I get to know your style and preferences. You get the results you want because I make sure I understand your needs. A complimentary consultation to talk through your project ensures we are perfectly matched to work together. I spend time getting to know you and I deliver an exceptional service. 

Face to Face Organising 

Perfect for people that need help to get started and want assistance to declutter and reorganise. Its great to work together on organising projects.

Virtual Organising

The full organising experience and you are not limited by where you live. A video is all we need and we declutter and organise in the usual way. 

DIY Organising

Perfect for people that are motivated to do their own organising but are not sure where to start. Get your detailed plan to and email support.